fiber BB

per month
Up to 5M x 512k
5 e-mail Accounts
Free Wi-Fi
Basic browsing, Email & You Tube Videos
per month
Up to 10M x 1M
5 e-mail Accounts
Free Wi-Fi
Stream Movies & TV Shows in Standard Definition
per month
Up to 20M x 2M
10 e-mail Accounts
Free Wi-Fi
Stream Movies & TV Shows in High Definition
per month
Up to 30M x 3M
10 e-mail Accounts
Free Wi-Fi
Supports Multiple Streams or downloads


Fiber communities will be built based on density, ease of construction and subscriber demand—neighborhoods that meet pre-registration goals will get first consideration for Fiber Broadband service. To consider your neighborhood pre-register here.

Sanoree Subdivision - Connected

Pine Ridge Subdivision - Connected

Santee Resort - Fiber Pre-Registration Form

Santee Resort  - Fiber Construction Survey Form

 fiber faq

Got questions about Fiber Broadband?

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions here. If your don't see you question answered... please give us a call at 803.854.7000.



Enjoy unlimited calling for one low monthly charge. Affordable phone service that lets you use your regular phone with a high-speed Internet connection to make and receive unlimited calls anywhere in the continental US. more..


All Fiber pricing plans requires a 24 month commitment, Terms and Conditions apply. Upload and Download speeds are configured as limits, not guarantees. Actual speeds will vary.