Fiber Broadband FAQ

Fiber is the most advanced Internet delivery system available today, and will be the technology relied upon worldwide to deliver communications in the future. Fiber will allow you to take advantage of enhanced video streaming, Internet TV, quality video conferencing, “smart home” technology, IP video home monitoring, gaming, and much more...

Simply put, Fiber Broadband is the future... you can do more, faster and with increased reliability... Period!

We are building our Fiber neighborhoods by demand—neighborhood that met pre-registration goals will get Fiber Broadband service. Here’s how it works:

Interested customers should pre-register on our website. Once enough people in a neighborhood pre-registers the  neighborhood will be considered "green" once "green" the engineering and construction phases will begin. These phases generally take from four to six months to complete depending on each neighborhood size and needs.

The pre-registration goal is a percentage of homes in a neighborhood. Since each neighborhood varies in density and ease of construction, the number of pre-registrations required is varied. In most cases the minimum goal ranges from 30% to 50% of the total households passed.

You can help make sure that Fiber is built in your neighborhood by talking to your neighbors to make sure everyone is aware of the opportunity.

During our initial roll-out period, a standard installation will be $199.00.  With discounts for current NTInet subscribers and multi-year term contracts.

The standard install includes up to 300 feet of trenched fiber along with a standard in-home service installation.  Installs requiring special underground boring and/or installs greater than 300 feet will receive a custom quote after an initial walkthrough of the project.

Though we will be required to bore or dig a trench across your yard to provide you with an NTInet fiber connection, our goal is to treat your property as if it were our own. We will be doing the work ourselves and will be responsible to promptly restore your property to a condition as close to original as possible.

There is no penalty for canceling Fiber Broadband service if you move to an area where we do not offer the service.

No. Pre-registering is the first step in the process to determine the interest level  in a given neighborhood. Once enough people in your neighborhood have pre-registered for the service, you will then be contacted to determine if you would like to order service.

In many cases, yes. Is it guaranteed? No. Will NTInet support it? No. Our Home Phone system is a digital system. When using analog services on a digital system, there can be some issues. Many Alarm Systems offer a Cellular Backup. We actually recommend this over a landline, because it is wireless and can't be cut. We do offer a Business Fax Service priced separately if needed.